NeoSmart Technologies Redesigned!


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
Coinciding with the opening of WinHEC 2006, NeoSmart Technologies is immensely pleased to present our homepage redesign.
The design is content-centric, making it easy to reach all the resources on, without any of the hassle.

At the moment, phase 1 of NSTv2 is complete, which is basically the 'shell' for the site. From here we can only go higher up, and our dev team is working on the code-behind that will actually populate those pages with the data we have via a MySQL Link.

For now, please let us know what you think, and if you find any bug reports or glitches, please let us know!

New Homepage: NeoSmart Technologies (NSTv2)
Leave Feedback: Feedback Channel
Submit Bugs: NeoSmart BugCentral
It is easy to approach anything on site, easy-to-use, thats good enough for geting any info you need.