Neosmart Vista boot CR holds


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Hi All,

I have a ACER M7720 that does not start-up from the hard disk anymore. Does not seem to find it.

I use the 64bit Neosmart Vista image to boot.

It loads the windows files (with the white bar showing progression) but then it shows the black screen with on the bottom the bar with the moving green cursor and under it the text Microsoft Corporation.

It holds there. I waited for more then one hour. No progress.

What to do?

Hi Smreh, welcome to NST.
First thing to try when the HDD disappears is to power-down, switch off the power at the wall (but leave the cord connected to maintain the chassis earth) open the case, touch the chassis to earth your body and discharge static, then disconnect/reconnect the data and power leads to the HDDs several times to clean up the contacts.
I've had dead systems which have sprung to full health with no more effort.
Post back if not successful.
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