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The Donation button has been deactivated. How does one contribute? EasyBCD just helped me recover my Vista booting ability after attempting to install Ubuntu 10.10 dual boot.
Hi onymous,

Can you please tell me what the URL to the page you're looking at is?
There shouldn't be any deactivated buttons!
Peter, you're right.. I definitely should add it to the top links, near the gallery/wiki/forums/blog stuff.

But I'm not sure if that's what the OP meant by the word "deactivated"..


Added it to the navigation menu at the top of the main site. Thanks, Peter.

Oh, and with regards to the contact/about buttons on the blog... I just updated the image yesterday, still working on the code.
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Thank you, onymous. I *knew* there was a page I missed when I changed from Google Checkout to PayPal!

Fixed it now :smile:

(and about the subtitle under your name...... if you're still fit to use a PC and travel the world via the internet then you're most certainly young at heart!)
onymous, it's fixed now. Thanks again for bringing it to our attention.


aaaaand the buttons on the blog have also been fixed. Haven't fixed this many issues with the site since forever!
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Who do I strangle about the way the "download" page is laid-out?

It's not just you - it is most every download page out there. You go to the download page to download something clever like EasyBCD, you notice the BIG GREEN BUTTON that says "Download Now!" and you hit it.

You then discover that what you selected to download is the latest version of Registry Skumware - absolutely guaranteed to make a complete balls-up of your Registry in no-time-flat.

The actual, TRUE AND CORRECT download link/button for EasyBCD is hidden way. . .way. . . way down at the bottom of the page - and it's a TEENY-TINY link/button. Unless you're Hawk-Eye-Harry, or one of his close kin, it's almost a lead-pipe-cinch that you're going to miss it.

I wanted to re-download 2.02 again, so I could put it up on my file-store, and it took me something like 15 minutes to find that *&^%$#@ing button!!!

ERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hiss! Growl!! gnash teeth!!!!! Bonk the Webmaster's HEAD!!!!!

What say ye?
Those ads are randomly generated. I'm sure the ad "designers" did that on purpose to make sure that innocent people are tricked, but I don't/can't preview the ads before they appear.