Network Icon appearing as red x even though connected


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For some reason, the blue network globe that usually appears in my bottom right is showing with a red x which is indicating its not connected even though the internet works fine, when I hover over it, it says,

"Connection Status: Unkown
The service to detect this status is turned off"

Anyone know how I can solve this problem, my internet does work as i'm visting this site using the very laptop but its becoming annoying, anyone know a solution, thanks?

Its an error with Windows they've been having. Usually if you hover your mouse over the icon, it fixes itself. Same error happens sometimes when you disconnect as well and it appears to be connected. I'm afraid its like the hideen tooltips problem though. I doubt MS will be fixing it by Windows 7 lanuch.
Hovering over doesn't fix it, I just want to know the service to enable to get it back, I think I might of tweaked it somehow but can't be sure, it used to work so why stop so suddenly?

EDIT: Solved it

Followed this

Check to make sure that you have these services set this way. They
>> > help
>> > > the Network icon know when you are connected or not.
>> > >
>> > > 1. Network Connections - Started - Manual
>> > > 2. Network List Service - Started - Automatic
>> > > 3. Network Location Awareness - Started - Automatic
>> > > 4. Network Sore Interface Service - Started - Automatic
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