Networking Issues


I work at a place where we fix computers. That's not to say I'm A+, but I'm a quote-unquote technician. I had a customer bring a computer in, complaining that there is something up with his networking. It's a Dell, dual core, 4 gigs of RAM if i recall, running Vista. He said he had installed a wireless card in it, and it was working perfectly, but that his kid is always messing around with the computer and somehow effed it up. Well, I can't figure this bloody thing out. The wireless will connect to the network, but Windows tells me it's not connected. IE won't display webpages, and neither will other browsers (I have tried Opera and Firefox). Now up to this point, it seems like a simple problem. But I open up command prompt, and I can successfully ping our router, as well as any webpage (google, msn, etc) without any packet loss. So the Internet is working. I've tried the wired connection, and had the same problem. I've disabled the wired connection, reinstalled the wireless card, updated wireless drivers, and tried several different browsers. No matter what I do, I have the same problem - Windows says it's not connected, but I am connected to the network, and I can ping any website with command prompt. What the hell is going on, and how do I fix it (short of a format/recover)? Thanks in advance.
Hi entrope,

Try a couple of these commands:
route -f
netsh interface ip delete

And make sure his PC is not configured to use a proxy.
Go into TCP/IP settings and make sure its setup to recieve an address automatically. If their using the wireless with the computer rather than a wired connection disable the ethernet NIC if the computer has one. Sometimes running third-party wireless managers mess things up. I see this a lot and reconfigure it where Windows built-in wireless manager is in charge and than the connection will work properly, though you'll need thier network name/key to enter a profile for thier network and set it up to connect automatically upon discovery. If your company offers in-home service I might suggest they send someone out to do the configuration and verify it is connecting if there are still any problems.