New computer, have a question


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Hello. I just built a new computer and have a question about using EasyBCD to recognize my old hard drive with an old install of Windows XP on it.

My old computer was an Asus motherboard with and AMD 3500+ CPU, two 80GB IDE HDs, one with Windows XP, and the other with Vista. I had installed XP after Vista, and used EasyBCD to recognize, and boot into VIsta.

My new rig has a BFG 680i motherboard, and Intel C2Q CPU, and a 150GB SATA Raptor with Vista installed on it. I have already installed both of the old HDs into my new rig, and it sees them both, and lets me work with them. What I am going to do is use my old Vista HD for storage, and the old XP to dual boot XP again. My question is, can I use EasyBCD to let me use the old XP hard drive, and dual boot into it (the XP install on it now), and my current Vista drive? I really don't want to reinstall XP, all the programs, then rewrite the bootloader so I can boot into Vista again.

Is the fact that it was installed on a different mobo, with a different CPU going to prevent this?