New computer seriously making me bald


for some reason i have to keep coming back for help here but i dont know why
because i just bought the thing at a good computert retail and it has so many problem.

now it is freezing for some reaason and programs constantly result in an; _____ has stopped working; error message.

so far this forum especially guru and makaveli have helped in some cases others i researched and fix on my own but it seems that when i finish repairing one thing something completley different goes wrong, at least of they were connected ( which still might be true like the motherboard or something) it would be a one time fix.

its to the point that i might just take it back but im scared that the same thing will happen with the next because vista is so new and there seem to be so many driver and update issues.


S.O.S hhhheeeeelllllpp



the message on reeboot was:

Warning: the boot devices have been changed
-BBs priority will be affected
please enter setup to chechk(press DELETE)

invalid system disk replace the disk and then press any key (THIS ONE WAS JUST THE PEN DRIVE THAT MY GIRL LEFT IN THE USB)
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A good place to start is the event log.

Start | Control Panel
Administrative Tools | Event Viewer

Go to the "System" section and see if there are any errors (red, not yellow).
Yes sadly the system has become unstable for you since you have gone and tried to do so many things with it. As Guru said try to get some of the stuff from the event Viewer and we will see what comes back from it.

Also have to remember not all software that was used on XP can be used on Vista. Haev to check for updates to those apps before you install them. Trying to force these olds applications to install will give you the greif that you are currently having.
so far every application i have installed is vista capable
other than my MP160 cannon printer but i really need that one

bear with me:
do you guys need the sytem section from:
windows log
or all the sectins in the:
summary of administrative events
im kinda new to this area ur going to have to guide through to getting what u want
which source is it
which event is it that u need
I don't know - If I did, I'd know how to fix your problem :smile:

You have to go through it, Google every error, and see what comes up. If anything sticks out, post away.

It's not going to be easy.
just tell me this will i need to check the event viewer (local)
Title;event type:
audit success
audit failure
the windows log:
under system:
title: level:
You should check them all. Something is messing with your system. It could very well be your Cannon Printer that is the steam of all this. Sadly if Cannon doesnt have a updated driver yet that is bad on their part. They should have one out.

But this research is going to be very time consuming and very tedious. There is no short answer no quick way to do this. The only thing i can suggest at first is to uninstall eh Cannon Printer and see if that helps at all. If it does then you know where the problems are coming from. IF not start to google all the errors you are getting. Anything that is in the Even Viewer that is in RED needs to be checked.
DetailsProduct:Windows Operating SystemID:4226Source:TcpipVersion:5.2Symbolic Name:EVENT_TCPIP_TCP_CONNECT_LIMIT_REACHEDMessage:TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent (incomplete) TCP connect attempts.
how do i find which program is causing this log


Hotfix information

The English version of this hotfix has the file attributes (or later file attributes) that are listed in the following table. The dates and times for these files are listed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). When you view the file information, it is converted to local time. To find the difference between UTC and local time, use the Time Zone tab in the Date and Time item in Control Panel.
Date Time Version Size File name -------------------------------------------------------------- 15-Aug-2002 08:34 5.0.2195.5265 42,256 Basesrv.dll 15-Aug-2002 08:34 5.0.2195.5907 222,992 Gdi32.dll 15-Aug-2002 08:34 5.0.2195.6011 708,880 Kernel32.dll 15-Aug-2002 08:34 5.0.2195.4733 332,560 Msgina.dll 15-Aug-2002 08:34 5.0.2195.6000 379,664 User32.dll 15-Aug-2002 08:34 5.0.2195.5968 369,936 Userenv.dll 08-Aug-2002 15:23 5.0.2195.6003 1,642,416 Win32k.sys 15-Aug-2002 08:30 5.0.2195.6013 179,472 Winlogon.exe 15-Aug-2002 08:34 5.0.2195.5935 243,472 Winsrv.dll where do i get this hotfix from
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