New Firefox is ready for download

Mak 2.0

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The Mozilla Firefox team has released Firefox just two days ago but a bug discovered after the release prompted them to take immediate action. The bug is affecting an important HTML element interface which makes some extensions and websites unusable with that version of Firefox.
The new Firefox version got rid of that bug and is currently distributed to all primary and secondary mirror sites. Users affected by this bug might want to download the version as early as possible which is why I take the liberty to post a working download mirror of the new Firefox version.
The Oregon primary mirror site contains the new release, at least the Firefox Win32 US release, which can be downloaded and installed without problems. Other mirrors will follow soon after and I expect to see the announcement on the official Mozilla website later today.
Oh... Well, I'll install new version before my firefox updates it self after I see the problems, no rush for me :tongueout: