new hard drive with window 7 installed


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i recently bought a new hard drive with windows 7 home premium 32 bit installed. when i tried to install it in my pc it would not boot up, im assuming its because everything is new to it. i bought a windows 7 recovery disc but it has not helped. i did not get an install disc with the new hard drive. is there any hope for my problem? thanks, chris
Okay couple things.

1. You should never buy a disk with Windows preinstalled. It is against the EULA of Windows to have it installed on a disk that is for sale. So the license that "was" on there is illegal and invalid. You will never get it to activate.
2. You will never get it working. Windows installs hardware drivers for the system that it installs with. Meaning that the mother board, CPU, Ethernet Adapter, Video Card and Sound card all install drivers. All the things that make the PC works install drivers to allow Windows to operate the components. There is no way to buy a drive that is pre-configured for your system, as well as being illegal.

Your only hope is that you can return the drive for a full refund. Cause if not you got screwed out of some money.
It was not that smart to buy a pre installed OS on a 'new' hard drive.
And especially not a 32bit system.
Like the other guy said, get that junk back to the buyer and ask your money back.