New laptop turns off when booting vista, pls help


Hello, i just purchased a new asus g50, when i unbox it and turned it on all was good, it went to the semiinstalled windows vistax64 to finish the registration and stuff.

it asked me to select a language and then to write a username afther i did it turned itself off completely, i notice a error msg but was too fast and could not read, i tried many times and always did the same.

afther i tried using the recovery windows vista dvds, i booted from dvd and it loaded the files, as soon as it entered the windows vista screen it turned off, i tried a couple more times and in one it was doing a recovery and went up to 96% then turned itself off.

afther that iven doing a hdd regenerator tinking it might be a hdd problem its been goin for over 12hrs and it hasnt turn itself off so its defenetely every time it goes to windows that turns off... i live outside the unite states so im trying to avoid returning it for warranty bc ill have to spend over 200 dollards just in shipping for it, please help if someone knows exactly what is this problem and how to fix it.

Thank you.
Turn it on and keep tapping F8 to get into the extended boot menu.
From there, choose the "no automatic restart" option.
When the boot fails, it should stop at an error message, so you'll have time to read it.
Post the result here.
oh thank you i was selecting boot method by pressing escape, im almost done doing the chkdisk (hdd regenerator) i will try that as soon as its done and post it right away.


i did afther chkdisk wich gave no bad sectors or problems, so i pressed f8 and selected disable automatic restart on system failure, and as soon as vista gave video it shut down, also want to make notice that this happened afther a 15hr chkdisk and never restarted, it always does it when vista gives video, sometimes right as video comes up others afther a little bit and pronts a error wich i never can see bc as soon as it shows it turns off


i tried safe mode as well and as soon as it gives vista video it shuts off too


i selected memory test and got a screen that saids windows failed to start a receent hardware or software change might be the cause. to fix the problem:
1- insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer (already did and as soon as vista video comes it shuts off)
2- choose your language settings and then click next.
3- click repair your computer (was able to do this once and afther 96% progress shut off)

if you do not have this disc contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.
File: \boot\memtest.exe
status: 0xc000000f
info: the selected entry could not be leaded because the application is missing or corrupt


notice that also sometimes it goes all the way to the error when in setup wich i was able to see "The application was unable" and then shut off and sometimes as soon as it provides video it goes off in windows, in msdos or command pront it never turns itself off.

i also tried a windows 7 instalation disc and also turned off when windows video came up.
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