New Lifecam & Intellipoint/type Downloads


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Microsoft have posted updated drivers for Microsoft Cameras, Keyboards & Mice at
their Hardware Homepage download section.

Lifecam 1.4 & Intellipoint/Intellitype 6.2 for Vista
Same for XP except for Intellitype, which for a moment yesterday morning showed 6.2 but now is back to 6.1.
Come on Microsoft, share the mystery!
No idea why that is because 6.2 for MAC has been out for ages now.
Thanks for the heads-up, Peter.

I'm not sure about why they pulled the 6.2 for XP, but I do know that the Mac numbering scheme is independant of the Windows one.... I believe Mac was on 6.1 for months while Windows was still on 5.x....
It seems odd that MAC would be first.

The Canadian website has NO software posted for keyboards and the UK one has Intellitype 5.5...LOL
So I use the US one always.
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lmao, that's pretty sad! Considering that most software/hardware is available in the US & Canada at right about the same time (verses US/Britain or US/Australia) and all - unless I'm mistaken?

With regards to the Mac, I think it's just a numbering scheme... But I could be wrong, because I've never used that software on OS X.