New Mobile App called Slice

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I just tried this out and I must say this thing is good. It sync up with your email accounts, you can add up to 5, and searches them for Shipping information. Such as orders placed, order shipped, tracking information and even gives you a total amount that you have spent. I linked this up to my Gmail accounts and I must say wow. It went all the way back to when I first created my GMail account. I was able to view my order history all the way back to 2007 when I got my first order confirmation email via GMail.

You can notify you when a package ships, it will allow you to track the shipment right within the app and much more. For anyone who does a massive amount of ordering online and wants a single app to keep track of this info, Slice is for you.

Google Play Link

I would highly suggest anyone with an Android device to at least try it out. I checked their site and they have an iOS version as well.

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Sounds like a very nice idea, thanks, Alex!

(I'll install it when I get time and after reading their privacy policy......)
Well I figured I would share this tidbit since I know that I am by far the only one who uses such services as purchasing online. I have not read their privacy policy in full. But from what I did read it sounds good.
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