New Moderator: Makaveli213


Mostly Harmless
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Congratulations to Makaveli213, the newest member of the NeoSmart team.

With the growing number of posts and activity (a big thank-you to all those that helped us pass the 10k post marker!), Makaveli213 has been a great help with providing responses for all those questions and has been of undeniable value to the NeoSmart community.

Makaveli213 is one of NeoSmart's two resident MVPs and has agreed to also contribute to the guides section of our Wiki.

We look forward to the future growth of our community, and hope for the continued opportunity to offer more positions on the moderation team sometime soon. We're always on the lookout for anyone willing to contribute here or in the Wiki with guides and reviews.


Mak 2.0

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I wish to extend a big Thank you to Mahmoud for allowing me this privledge. It is a honor to serve the community and to help out where i can. I will be continuing to work on the Guides as i have several ideas for that and hopefully will get some reviews up as well.

It is such an honor to see the NeoSmart community grow. 2007 has been a great year and 2008 will be even better. :grinning:


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Congrats Mak, hopefully 2008 and beyond:tongueout::tongueout:


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Congrets, Mak! Those are awesome news :smile:


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Well done Makaveli213 and good luck!!:tongueout:


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Go Mak! lol

have fun with it!