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Looking Sharp

Alongside the regular development of Kestrel we have had a separate project to modernize our look and feel. The new skin is in many ways a prelude to Peregrine, giving you a sneak peak into the future...

If one word should describe the new look, it would be Sharp. We wanted to create a skin with clean lines and clear icons, inspired by the intuitive symbols you can expect at an airport and in line with our Scandinavian heritage. This also better matches the look and feel we introduced on the Wii and refine in Opera 9.5 for Windows Mobile.

The color scheme of the user interface is designed to not steal focus away from your browsing, but being available when you need it and clearly indicate activity (stop button turning red) or security elements.

The quality and attention to detail in the browser itself should be reflected in the look and feel. That is why we have let ourselves be inspired by high-end and professional audio/video equipment for the backgrounds, buttons and tabs.

In the default setup we have chosen to include a button to open the panels, since they are far too useful to be hidden. Also, on the panel selector we have added a "+" button to easily add more panels or remove the ones you don't use. This makes Opera easy to use for a beginner while making it natural to grow with the product and discover more advanced features for the rest of us

The New Tab button has been moved to the right of the last tab. IE7 users will be familiar with this, so the transition to Opera is natural (before you learn Ctrl+T or double-clicking the tab bar...). As you can see, the button has a sharp edge, mirrored by the closed tabs button, a hint of speed and performance.

We will of course offer the classic skin for download for those of us who need a bit of time to get used to the new

Nice Graphics ™ by Pål Syvertsen, Flott Altså

WARNING: These are development snapshots: they contain the latest changes, but they also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, they may not work at all.

We are using a new signing key for the online root store and for EV data - the previous keys were test keys. Due to the update, EV will not work when upgrading from an older builds supporting EV until you perform a manual check for updates and restart Opera (or wait until the automatic check for updates kicks in).

Known issues:
Dragonfly does not work when JavaScript is disabled.
All the search icons are Opera icons
Translate menu doesn't work
Panel dropdown selector doesn't work

Fixed links in the fraud protection dialog
Fixed crash when saving mhtml files
Fixed random crasher when going back in history
Fixed moving videos on youtube when hovering tabs
Made form submit work properly in widgets
Fixed bug where plugins would continue streaming after closing a tab
XHR - Fixed calling of calling abort() from readyState 2 or 3
More fixes to xpath
Fixed viewing of feeds with slow loading images
Fixed problem with duplication of bookmarks when using Opera Link
Fixed issue where the integrated Dragonfly window would be too tall
Added three default speed dial entries
Windows: Fixed the default Save and Open dialog folders
UNIX: Fixed import of mail on when using the QT filechooser
UNIX: Improved finding of icons for download dialog
UNIX: Fixed filename when saving URL's

Windows Classic


On a personal note. GET THIS BUILD. The new skin is wicked.
Are you an Opera promoter or something? :tongueout:

Downloading this when I boot into Windows (It doesn't overwrite my current 9.5 mail accounts/settings does it?)

The new skin looks good, I am happy with my current Lix skin, but I'll have to try this, nice to see a browser dark by default now :grinning:

I just downloading it and the skin is real nice.
Good thing about it is that its opening faster on my computer, so i might just go back to Opera.
Opera has partnered with Haute Secure in a bid to defend surfers from drive-by download attacks.
Haute Secure's technology will be bundled in Opera 9.5, bolstering the Norwegian firm's existing Fraud Protection technology with software designed to block malware downloads from compromised websites. Opera 9.5, codenamed Kestrel, is due out this summer.

As well as blocking hacker-controlled websites the technology will protect Opera users from harm after clicking on links that lead to malicious script or malware. This type of protection has become more important as changes in hacking tactics have resulted in more frequent incidents of malware appearing on legitimate websites.
AVG acquired Exploit Prevention Labs last December to gets its hands on the latter's Linkscanner technology, which probes links for signs of suspicious content, such as pointers to encrypted JavaScript files, on analysed sites. Both Linkscanner and Haute Secure's technology look at individual pages or links rather than a site as a whole.
Both technologies are designed to guard against drive-by download attacks. Haute Secure's technology is based on a database of known bad sites whereas Linkscanner leans more on real-time analysis.
In related browser security news, Mozilla developers have begun work on a browser plug-in designed to protect against a common range of web application vulnerabilities that feature in drive-by download attacks and other hacking attacks. Site Security Policy (SSP) aims to pull the sting from cross site scripting and cross site request forgery attacks. A beta version of the add-on can be downloaded here.
The SSP plug-in is separate to the development of Firefox 3, which reached the second release candidate milestone last week.

Browser makers throw up drive-by download barriers | The Register
I am looking at it like this:

If Opera is going to add more features an if i can get plugins working that i used from firefox or at least find a substitute for them I will make the switch I have been using it more an more an from what I can see it's faster. As mak knows the other forums we are both members of TF is having problems with the load speed, Opera is loading it much faster than FF has in the last week.
Saxon i know that a few, read about 5, of the firefox extensions have been ported over. I have made note of many of them somewhere....

But you will have to check the My Opera Forums to find them. They are mainly JavaScript extensions people have coded themselves.