New Outlook beta and Easy Window Switcher

Hey deadwood, thanks for joining to share your feedback.
What does happen when you use the EWS hotkey? Anything at all?

It operates by trying to find different windows with the same process name. There are two cases I can immediately envision that would fail this, the first is if the different windows come from different .exe files (which is unlikely from your description if the two windows are of the same "view"?) or if the two windows aren't actually two windows at all but rather one window with two "things that look like windows" drawn on the desktop.

I fear it might be the latter (Microsoft was trying to push developers down this nasty road with its Metro design and then UWP) because of restrictions in the Microsoft GUI toolkits that actually prevent metro or UWP apps from having multiple top-level windows in the same process (i.e. the same process id, the same entry in task manager, etc. not the same originating .exe file).

Do you see the separate windows in alt-tab? When hovering over the app in the taskbar?
You're welcome! Nothing happens when I use the EWS hotkey while an Outlook window has focus. For example, if there are multiple email windows open along with the main Outlook window, the EWS hotkey does nothing regardless of which Outlook window has focus. Each window shows up separately when using alt-tab, and in the taskbar grouped under Outlook. The process explorer shows a process tree like the following when I have 3 outlook windows open:

- * Microsoft Outlook (7)
  - * WebView2: New Mail, Untitled
      WebView2: Mail - My username (this is the main window)
      WebView2: <subject line from an email I have open>
    * WebView2 Utility: Storage Service
    * WebView2 Utility: Network Service
    * WebView2 Manager
    * WebView2 GPU Process
    * Microsoft Outlook
    * Microsoft Edge Webview2
* == icon for outlook
- == down arrow for the grouping. Was a > (right arrow) that I clicked on to expand the group.
     Lines 2-4 are grouped together

Lines 2-4 have only one "process properties" shared among all 3. There is only one row for cpu/memory/disk/network for those 3 rows in process explorer. "Bring to front" doesn't do anything for those windows :frowning:. Onenote does not have separate process details for each open window like those three rows, but for Onenote, "Bring to front" works for the window selected in process explorer. I tried restarting the computer, but it didn't change anything.
Yeah, if "Bring to Front" doesn't work then I think the issue is with the app itself and there's not much EWS can do, unless there's some alternative API that Microsoft releases or has exposed that lets us manipulate these weird "windows".