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NeoSmart Technologies has just released a new "program" of sorts. Actually, it's a patch for one of the oldest Windows bugs to date, and while it's nothing life-threatening, it can be pretty damn annoying - especially knowing that it's been there from 1994 (with Windows 95) to 2007 (with Windows Vista).

The bug:

With ToolTipFixer:

ToolTipFixer is our free and tiny (88kb!) patch to permenantly address this issue.

Microsoft acknowledges the bug, but their only advice is to "reboot your PC." - Just wonderful! (/sarcasm)

[more history]

Download ToolTipFixer 1.0.0 Now!


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Amazing. I got so used to that bug that I actually thought it was incurable. Thanks! Why the heck couldn't M$ issue a patch themselves?


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Guru, can you please test that bug with classic windows layout on XP withOUT ToolTipFixer 1.0.0 installed.

Thank you.


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Happens there too, sorry.