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true.... but 199 is such a low number, no matter what you are comparing it to :smile:

For instance, the blog has a maximum of 420k users simultaneously :grinning:
420k as in 420000? you mean a really really long way to go but its an improvement from 131
doea have adds
yes 420,000 but i think 131 at one time is pretty good for a forum right?
Seeing as most people will only go through it for what they need. Its unlike MSNBC or something. Right folks?

About ads i dont think Guru advertises on other websites.
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We have ads,
we use the userbars as ads ^_^

if you take one of the bars, put in it in your website of sig of another site, and a link behind the image, you will be helping in advertising
such as how you have easybcd product and neosmart powered?


hey i got one now im officially helping
but how do i put more than one image in detail please
right now i can only get one at a time
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In your User CP under Signature you have to host the images on something like Imageshack or photobucket. From there you get the direct link to the image and put them in IMG tags. They should look like

[img]Image URL[/img]
Because for each image that you upload that is more stress on our servers to put it out everytime you post. This way it saves on our bandwidth a little bit. Having the sort of stuff we do for downloads we get hit with a lot of bandwidth. The more we can save the better off we are. Last month Guru said we had transfered 1.5TB of data from our servers. That is a lot of data and it costs a pretty penny to keep the servers up like that. So that is why we ask for them to be hosted elsewhere.:wink:
It's not a big deal for a file or two here and there, especially with only several thousand users. But every byte adds up in the long-run, and 1 image should be enough for "free & reliable" hassle-free hosting here, and it's not unreasonable to have users needing more than one image use another service.