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Just got my new laptop with Vista Business and I love it! The first thing that I did was put the Vista disk in and completely reformat/reinstall to get the pre-installed junk out of there. I want to have a dual boot system since so many of my development programs do not support Vista yet. I ran across EasyBCD and it sounds like I am set! Since I am a nubee in every sense of the word, I wanted to run this past the gurus prior to turning my shiny new dell into a paperweight! These are the steps that I have figured out on my own:

1.) Shrink my partition down to allow for XP and give it a drive letter.
2.) Boot with the XP cd and install to that new drive.
3.) Start PC. Vista boots?
4.) Run EasyBCD from Vista and add an entry for the new XP drive.

Is this about right? I am wondering what happens once the XP is installed to the second drive. Do I need to run EasyBCD prior to the XP install?

Thanks guys!!!
when you start it after the installation xp will boot. you can either install easybcd on xp or use the vista dvd to boot back into vista.
What will happen is this. You will shrink and create a drive. Install XP to that drive. Fromthere XP will boot not Vista. So go into your boot.ini, Start>Run>msconfig>boot.ini tab. Edit it so that you can get all the info needed here. Write down the exact info you see here.

The install EasyBCD. Add in the Vista Boot loader. From there edit the bootloader to include XP. Put the info that you have written down in there. From here you should be able to haev a Dual Boot system with little to no hassle.

As least this is how i have done it in the past myself. Computer Guru will be able to give you a more definate answer.
Lol stop it, you're making me blush! (and the guys I'm with are wondering what it is I'm doing on the PC that's making me so embarassed :crazy: )

OT: Did your MVP-ship come through yet?
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I will find out in April. I hope it would be nice. But you deserve just as much as me with your work on EasyBCD.