New to EasyBCD



I'm a newby to EasyBCD and have installed it on Vista. I launched EasyBCd and set up a new OS which is on a different drive. The drive is on the secondary IDE channel and is XP. It is setup as a slave since Vista is the Master. I get the prompt to choose which OS I want to boot to but it refers to the C: drive instead of the F: drive? Does anybody have a tidbit of help?


Hi rfcarson,

EasyBCD automatically sets the legacy entries to the boot drive, because 999 times out of a 1000, that's actually what you need. See, the BCD requires the drive letter of boot.ini and not Windows XP itself.

Now if you're sure that F:\ is what you need, go to the second screen in EasyBCD and change the letter for the XP drive from C:\ to F:\ and reboot :smile:
I have a boot.ini file on the XP drive. It is on the root directory. Is this boot.ini file I'm going to create replace this one? Where does it reside, which drive and directory?