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I have Vista Business installed currently and want to dual boot a linux distro: ubuntu. I was wondering if anyone recommends some partition software. I know that there has to be two partitions but I'm not sure on how to get linux installed on the second. I was wondering if someone could give me a how-to to setting up EasyBCD to dual boot Vista and Ubuntu.

get some bootable partitioning program like disk director and shrink the vista partition. make another ext3 and linux swap partition and in the ubuntu setup have it use the ext3 partition to install to. use the vista dvd to get the vista bootloader back, then run easybcd in vista and add the linux option.
Hi vlsi0n, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

As toxic was saying, you first need to shrink the Vista partition to make room for Linux.
You don't actually need a program like Acronis Disk Director 10 (the very best!) though, you can instead open "Computer Management" in "Administrative Tools" in the Control Panel, and then go to "Disk Mangement"

From there, select the Vista partition, right-click it, and shrink the partition.

Then boot with your Ubuntu DVD and have Ubuntu create the required ext3 and swap partitions you need to get Ubuntu room to live :smile:

When installing Ubuntu, make sure you choose to install GRUB to the *Bootsector* and *not* the MBR. When that's done, you'll be booted back into Windows Vista, and from there you can use EasyBCD to install Linux to the Vista bootloader.