New Vista-SATA Machine-Added old XP IDE drive from old computer


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I bought a new Dell Vista machine with one SATA drive. I hooked up an external Simpleteck data drive. Subsequently, I added an old IDE hard drive with XP professional already installed . Everything is being detected. Here is my current configuration:

New Vista machine- 2 partition drives.... C is the primary and D is secondary- This is my SATA drive.

Simpletech drive is recognized as local drive E connected with USB port.

Old IDE drive is recognized by Vista as F with all the XP window files and programs, data intact.

In order to use easy BCD edit program to create dual boot so I can boot XP from drive F, I copied Boot.ini, NTLDR and NTDETECT to main Vista drive C in root section where Vista Boot manager is located.

My questions:

What steps I have to take to modify copied Boot. ini on Vista Drive C so it can find XP on drive F ?

What exact entries I need to add in Easy BCD edit ?

Can someone guide me step by step, so I don't mess it up ?. I am little bit confused. Any help from experts and other community member will be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.

Hello, beeper, welcome to NST.
Get 2.0 beta of EasyBCD, and simply add an XP entry. This will get you to a prompt asking you if you want to let it auto-configure boot.ini for you. Hit Yes, and you're done.