New Vista-SATA Machine-Added old XP IDE drive from old computer

I bought a new Dell Vista machine with one SATA drive. I hooked up an external Simpleteck data drive. Subsequently, I added an old IDE hard drive with XP professional already installed . Everything is being detected. Here is my current configuration:

New Vista machine- 2 partition drives.... C is the primary and D is secondary- This is my SATA drive.

Simpletech drive is recognized as local drive E connected with USB port.

Old IDE drive is recognized by Vista as F with all the XP window files and programs, data intact.

In order to use easy BCD edit program to create dual boot so I can boot XP from drive F, I copied Boot.ini, NTLDR and NTDETECT to main Vista drive C in root section where Vista Boot manager is located.

My questions:

What steps I have to take to modify copied Boot. ini on Vista Drive C so it can find XP on drive F ?

What exact entries I need to add in Easy BCD edit ?

Can someone guide me step by step, so I don't mess it up ?. I am little bit confused. Any help from experts and other community member will be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.



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Hi Beeper, welcome to NST

Grab [thread=642]EasyBCD 2.0 Beta[/thread], latest build. Re-add XP's entry and when it asks you if you'd like to have EasyBCD auto-configure boot.ini for you click yes.
Hello, beeper, welcome to NST.
Get [thread=642]2.0 beta[/thread] of EasyBCD, and simply add an XP entry. This will get you to a prompt asking you if you want to let it auto-configure boot.ini for you. Hit Yes, and you're done.