Newbie can't boot back into XP... :(


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Hi all!

Due to a hard drive crash on a Vista computer, I ended up re-installing XP. When I got the fixed Hard drive, I reinstalled Vista Without the XP drive connected.
Don't ask me why... I was trying to go on working while swapping drives left and center to save my data, and work, and, and....

Anyway, I now have Three physical hard drives:

C: (Vista) + Recovery partition D
E: (just data)
F: (XP)

I installed EasyBCD. When I boot, I get an error message : Missing BootMGR. press any key.

OK, So I press a key and then I get to choose between Vista and XP.
Go figure.

BUT, it won't boot in XP even after I had copied the NTLDR, the BOOT.INI and the NTDETECT.COM from another working XP machines.

There is probably an simple solution but I need to be pointed in the right direction.



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I did to no avail.

Anyway, I manage to repair the XP boot sector using a XP CD. By the way, and this has happens twice, I noticed that mt original XP Cd doest not seems to boot and load properly where the Xp CD from my wife Dell computer works. Go figure.


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So everything is OK now?