Newbie needing help! Please!

I have XP Pro on drive C, and will be installing Win 7 Pro on a 2nd drive (D) when my pre-order copy arrives late October.


Do I need EasyBCD?

Will I need to install Hide 'n Seek? (even though the operating systems are on separate drives?)

Really appreciate some guidance.
Hello Kenneth,

Installing Windows 7 and setting up the dual-boot should be simple, in fact automatic if you pre-partition the space where Windows 7 is being installed and XP's disk is the first in the boot sequence. As with Vista, Windows 7 is also not immune to earlier versions of Windows like XP. You have two options here: a) use HnS, or b) use this registry tweak provided by MS. If you choose HnS, run the setup UI from Windows 7. If you choose the the registry tweak instead it must be performed in XP. Regardless, you only need to protect Windows 7 from XP. Windows 7 should not mess with XP's restore points.
Thanks for that help. Will keep this info to hand when installing Windows 7.

I'm assuming that I should partition the new drive which Windows 7 will be going on to before I do the install - you suggest that will make the whole process of setting up the dual boot automatic. Did I understand you correctly?