newbie needs help please.


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Hiya .
My daughter has a sony vaio VGN NR38E.We have tried to do a system recovery using the back up discs we created when first had it.When I tried to action the recovery - halfway through an error message appeared and process stopped . Tried running my disc again and it just stops . It loads through the sony screen then says windows is loading files... the status bar goes from grey to white then stops to a blank screen, microsoft corp start screen with the green bar loads then everything stops to a blank screen again with a pointer arrow which can be moved. It seems as though the cd rom then stops working .Ive tried pressing f10 to use recovery partition it says boot mgr is missing . Any advice would be apprecieated
Hello tobylou, welcome to NST

First you should test the disc by verifying you can boot from it using another computer. If it doesn't work from there than you'll need to obtain another disc, either by burning another copy if you can boot from the recovery partition or from Sony.

If it'll boot from disc using another computer, than it is probably freezing because of corruption with your hard disk/partitions. You can download GParted live here (the .iso file), which can be burned to disc using ImgBurn, booted from, and used to reparition the hard drive. You should delete the partitions so you have unallocated space. Make sure before you do that that you have any important files backed up first though to removeable media. If all goes well you should be able to boot from your recovery disc now without it freezing.