newbie wants to triple boot - Win7, Dt-BSD, & PC-BSD


I am new to BSD and EasyBCD and need some suggestions of how to proceed. I have a new hard drive for experimenting and would like to add 3 Operating systems: Win7 RC, DesktopBSD, & PC-BSD. I am not sure what is the best order to add. Based on what I read, everybody does it differently, but I wanted to get some feedback as the order. That is, do I load Win7 first, or one of the BSD's, both BSD's, etc.

I have loaded Win7 by itself on the HD. I have also loaded PC-BSD by itself, so I am familiar with how to do that, just need to know how to proceed with all three.
Hi donnybb, welcome to NST.
I would say install the two BSDs first, and then install Win 7 last, so Win 7's bootloader (which is essentially the same as Vista's-what EasyBCD is mainly for) remains in charge of the boot, and you add entries to your BCD to boot the other two OSes.
If you install each to its own HDD, then the order may not matter, as long as you make sure set the drive you're installing the current OS to as first in the boot sequence in the BIOS, so the MBR code is written to each OS's respective drive, and doesn't overwrite Win 7's for instance.