Newly added entries not immediately visible in debug mode [EasyBCD 1.7.2]


When I add a new entry in the default "Overview" mode, all is fine. But when I first switch to the "Detailed" mode:
[1] EasyBCD+Debug+Mode.png

and then I try to add an entry, it is NOT displayed in the list:
[2] Add-Remove+Entries+-+Linux.png

and I can't see it in the list of available settings:
[3] Change+Settings.png

The only way to see the added entry is to switch to the "Overview" mode, then the entry is visible in the list of entries [2] and in the settings [3].

I understand that not many people switch to the Debug Mode before adding entries, but I've found this issue today and it is completely repeatable on my machine.
Hi SirYes, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies and thanks for taking the time to file a bug report.

EasyBCD 2.0 is currently in beta stage and it fixes a large number of bugs in EasyBCD 1.x including a number of annoying UI problems like the one you described.

If you'd like to give EasyBCD 2.0 a shot and see if it fixes the problem, please send me a private message with your email address and your agreement to not distribute any private builds and I'll send you a copy.
Thanks to Mahmoud Al-Qudsi, who let me test one of the development builds, I've found that in the upcoming EasyBCD-2.0 version this problem no longer exists.

Keep up the good work!