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Or Infomation files.

Okay, i have known about Nfo files for about 3 months. They are presently used by the Scene to display infomation with ASNII art.

I have some what fallen for this Older Internet artform, and i have found a nice program for building Nfo files.

I have uploaded The NFO builder i found along with the best NFO viewer i could find (and know of)

I couldnt however upload my own Nfo file :frowning: its an invalid file type, so ill have to find a site that will let me host my nfo files (i have some places in mind)

So who else knows about Nfo files and the art used in them?


Edit here is my first Nfo file: hello.nfo - Dedicated Web Hosting Service


  • FNW-NFO_Builder2000.zip
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  • DAMN_NFO_Viewer_v2-10-0032-RC3.exe
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I have known about .nfo for a few years now. They have been used by torrents and p2p for some time. I have had the Dang NFO Viewer for some time. Great app there. But the nfo files can also be opened with notepad or a app like it as well.

I have done a few ASCII things myself. But nothing really big.
DAMN NFO Viewer is without a doubt the best....

Kahai, just rename your NFO files to txt and upload them here :smile: