No access on all OS


I have a multi boot system with Windows XPs, Vistas, Windows7 RC and Windows Recovery Console. I use EasyBCD 1.7 for bootloader orders entry.

Following bugs I have:
1. After install Win7 RC the Recovery Console in the bootloaders entry does not appear.

2. After install a new Vista Home Premium the Recovery Console and Win7 RC in the bootloader does not more appear.

3. After changing in EasyBCD 1.7 the order of the OS, in the bootloader the Recovery Console is back, but Vista Home Premium and Win7 RC does not more appear.

In the Overview of EasyBCD I can see all OS, but in the bootloader not.

This is a nice ring play, but what is to do, that I can choose all OS in the bootloader?

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Hi Czer, welcome to NST.
Please paste the contents of the display window from EasyBCD "display settings", in detailed (debug) mode, so we can see what entries you have, and attach a screenshot of your disk management dispay.
(Use the "go advanced" button below the quick reply dialogue box and the the paperclip icon to upload your screenshot)
If you're talking about XP's recovery console its not supposed to (or at least under normal circumstances) appear in Vista/W7's boot menu. You should be getting 2 options when you select XP. One to boot the recovery console and the other for XP. If we can get this working for you you well need to set the timeout in your boot.ini file to 0 if you're getting two entries there.

As for Vista/W7's bootmenu we'll need the output from EasyBCD.
Hi Terry60,

thanks for your reply.
I have pasted the contents of the display window from EasyBCD display settings in debug mode and an screenshot of my disk management display. I add both as win.rar attachement.


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Hi kairozamorro,

thanks for your hint.

In my Vista/W7´s boot menu the entry Recovery Console comes twice,

1. in the main boot menu. This recovery console runs.
2. in the Earlier Windows submenu. This recovery console fails with the message "A disk
error occured."

I have set the timeout in my boot.ini file to 0, but it does not help. The Earlier Windows submenu does not more come, my XP1 OS starts instantly.
That's fine. Its a bug I had myself so since the entry in boot.ini doesnt work its best to keep the timeout at 0 so XP boots right away. I don't know how you'd get rid of one of the entries so you don't get two. When I tried getting rid of the mysterious entry it didn't show up in EasyBCD for me but disappeared just as easily as it had appeared once I took out the line in boot.ini.
Hi Terry60,

what´s the matter with you? I´m waiting for your answer to my problem since one week.

Do you have not time to answer or are you helpless?

I think, EasyBCD cannot manage more then 6 entries. Therefore the seventh and more entries does not appear.

Please say it Mahmoud, that he makes an update.

This is an open forum, not a personal messaging service.
When I came back, Justin had already picked up your post and you were in a dialogue with him.
If you still have a problem, just post the details.

btw. I don't download unknown files to my PC.
If you want to attach screenshots, just save them as .jpg and upload them so they're visible as thumbnails in the post, then anyone can see what's there. A 800x600 jpeg will be smaller than that .rar file anyway, and you can just copy/paste text from EasyBCD or any other text source directly into your post.
I find it pretty rude of you not post success or failure with additional detail but rather to insult a single individual and the developer that works very hard to support people here. If someone can help they well. I've already acknowledged your problem. Its an issue on MS end and not NeoSmart. This thread doesn't even belong in BugCentral. There are other online communities you can go to if you're not happy with us.
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Hi Terry60,

excuse please my pretty rude words in my last posting.

I could not know, that .rar-files are not allowed. Under "Attach files: Valid file extensions"
I had found rar.

I attach screenshots again as .jpg files.

I´m sure, you have an solution for my problem.



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Hi kairozamorro,

excuse please my pretty rude silence to your valuable experiences. I had a little problem to understand you, my english is not so perfect. But now I had help and I see what you mean.

To set the timeout at 0 is not the best way for me, I need access to my three XP partitions. The Windows Recovery Console entry in the submenu under Earlier Windows is not to erase, but I can live with him, when the Windows Recovery Console entry in the main menu works. And it works, when it appears.
The appearing in the bootmenu, that is my problem.


P.S.: I´ve logged in, but when I want to post the quick reply, I´m logged out. Please giv me a hint, how to avoid this failure.
Are you using F8 at power-up to dynamically alter your BIOS boot sequence ?
Your disk management screenshot shows that XP2 on G: is the running system (the boot flag), but it was booted from XP1 on C: (the system flag).
The EasyBCD screenshots show your Vista letters as being quite different to your XP disk management assignments, so that EasyBCD display was obviously not taken on the same system as the disk management screenshot.
When you boot your many Vistas, does the XP1 system always retain the "system" flag ?
No, I´m not using F8 for alter my BIOS boot sequence.
My disk management screenshot was made from XP2, because this is an english Windows and I think, you can it understand better then german .
When I boot my Vistas, the XP1 always is the system partition.
Don't worry, we have translations for disk management, and you don't need to make multiple screenshots for text information like the EasyBCD debug output. Just copy/paste all the text from the box directly into your post.
From what I can see, what Justin said was correct. EasyBCD is showing all of the entries in your BCD, and if the boot menu isn't including them, then the problem must be in W7.
Remember that EasyBCD is not a boot manager. It doesn't display the boot menu. The W7 programme bootmgr is reading the boot\BCD store and displaying the boot menu. All EasyBCD is doing is giving you a GUI to manage the BCD with, so that you don't have to do it with the MS command line utility BCDedit.
Okay, I see, the problem is not in EasyBCD but at the site of Microsoft.

But not only Windows 7 shows this behaviour, Windows Vista also.

I will continue my search in the MS newsgroups.

Thanks for your help.