No Audio Device

Alright, I sent my computer in to shop, they confirmed the hard drive was beyond all hope and installed a new one (a thousand thank yous for aid on both my original topic and the first Unmountable Boot Drive topic, both of which were amazingly helpful) . Also installed were Windows, Roxio, and that's about it.

Now, everything is working fine - except my speakers. When I first got the computer, I plugged them in and they work. Now, though, Sound/Audio devices reports No Audio Device detected and grays out pretty much all the handy options lying about.

EDIT: Headphones jacked into their traditional front-of-the-tower port also don't work.
EDIT2: Onboard sounds play in substitute on occasion - in AIM, for example, instead of the sendim sound playing when I hit enter, the tower beeped instead.

Additionally, in Device Manager, PCI Device under Other Devices shows a yellow exclamation and claims to have no driver.

As far as I can tell via the depressingly vague option of Google-searching things like "No Audio Device", these issues are related. Everybody else, though, seemed to be expressing problems involving new sound cards - not new hard drives.

A couple places mentioned reinstalling drivers from disc, but all I have is a Dell disc, and responses to such metholodogy indicate that it doesn't help anyway. The only positive response I saw at all, in fact, was from a guy who reinstalled Windows.

So in light of my situation (new hard drive as opposed to sound card), how do I procede?
You're sound card didn't change, but your drivers for it were wiped clean.

What's your sound card?
No idea, DxDiag says I don't have one and Hardware Devices just shows me "PCI device" with a little yellow exclamation for 'not working'.

My computer is a nearly-standard Dell Dimension 3100, though, and "sound hardware" for those is listed as "Integrated 2.0 channel audio, Dell A215 stereo speaker". Or an optional "Sound Blaster® Live!TM 24-bit ADVANCED HD Sound Card", but I am reasonably sure that's not what I have, since I didn't ask for it, and the local dealers are not well-versed in goodwill.
I'm using XP, will that matter? A bunch of them mention using XP compability, and Vista is still in its Beta, so I'm guessing no, but better safe then otherwise.
Vista isn't in beta, it's actually out.
But yeah, those drivers are XP drivers that NeoSmart Technologies has verified working with Vista. So it's safe to use them on XP :smile: