No "Auto-configure Mac Settings" Button!?!?


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By following the guide, it states:
OS X Before Windows Vista

The most common setup for users looking to get OS running on their PCs involves a pre-existing OS X installation followed by a Windows Vista install. In this case, the computer boots into the Windows Vista bootloader, and does not have an option to boot into OS X.
  1. Fire-up EasyBCD, and navigate to the "Add/Remove Entries" screen.
  2. Select "Mac OS X" from the tabs at the top.
  3. From the platform drop-down list, select "Generic x86 Hardware"
  4. If you wish to change the name from the default "NST Mac OS X," you may do so now.
  5. Select "Auto-configure Mac Settings" and then hit "Add Entry" to finish up.
You can now reboot your PC, and select "NST Mac OS X" (or whatever you chose to call it) from the Vista bootloader. OS X should begin to boot immediately.

Where is the button??!?!? Heeeelp!!
Oops - that's referring to an old version of EasyBCD... New versions do that automatically, so no worries.

Cheers & welcome to NST!