No BCD Created

I am trying to create a boot USB for a Win Vista PC that won't boot. I've downloaded the "EasyRE for Windows Vista.iso" and installed EasyBCD on my Win8 laptop. I've followed the instructions for "Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Bootable EasyRE USB". When execute step #3, I never get the confirmation message..."successfully converted the selected disk into a bootable drive...". If I try to load manually via "File/Select BCD Store" there is no BCD entry on my USB drive. Looking in Win explorer..there's no BCD file on the USB drive. Not receiving any error message on step #3, just nothing. I've checked the file name for spaces after copying over to USB. Can't find the problem...suggestions? I've run through the process 3 times, and no luck.Any help greatly appreciated


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
Do you have viewing of *both* hidden and system files enabled?