No boot.ini to edit in xp?


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I installed a dual boot xp/7 system but xp installed to a "winxp" folder instead of "windows".

I logged into 7 changed the folder name of winxp to windows and ran easy bcd to create a windows xp boot option.

I changed "windows" folder back to "winxp" and now I guess I have to edit the boot.ini file in windows xp to point to the "winxp" folder rather then "windows" but I cannot find boot.ini anywhere.

I know its a hidden system file and have everything turned on but boot.ini just does not exist.

Basically how do I get the boot menu option for "windows xp" to point to the "winxp" folder instead of the "windows" folder?

EasyBCD is hardcoded to only look for a windows folder that is why I had to rename winxp to windows.



problem solved!

The new beta versions of easy bcd seem to have addressed the issue of different windows xp folder names.

Thanks alot.
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