no boot menu / select


I just downloaded your BSD. Have Vista prem then installed Linux about a month ago. Grub kepf forcing reboot when choose vista so hence BSD.

Seems all loaded and partitions (U for my linux) added correctly since BSD seen Linux on seperate partition (same hard disc) but when reboot - only goes to vista - no OS boot menu appears at all -

checked iReboote on selection - dont want to choose linux as default or even boot into since no BSD on linux platform - dont want to get stuck always booting to linux either - any help
Post your detailed settings from EasyBCD and a Disk Management screenshot... oh, and what flavor and version of LInux you're using (There's a few Linux distros out with BSD in their names).
big help - 87 views, not 1 suggestion to correct

It would help if your initial post spelled the name of our software correctly (it's EasyBCD, btw), explained the steps you took and the order you took them in, provided detailed error messages, or didn't contain so many spelling and grammar mistakes so as to make it illegible.
Thanks for the help - turns out it just needed new MBR - then uninstall - reinstall -
But “windows” boot manager comes up - is that the way BCD is supposed to work or was there to be a BCD boot select menu ? Either way - can now choose boot

As to linux - is Mint 8 - with grub2 (was causing the forced loop boot when choosing windows, hence BCD)

Your right about the spelling & such - I guess I should be more attentive even in informal settings - meant no disrespect
EasyBCD isn't a boot manager, it's an app to help you configure the MS Vista/7 boot manager easily.
It's not active during the boot, nor at any time other than when you exec it to modify the BCD contents.
The boot menu you see is all MS.