No Boot Menu ?


I have a peculiar problem which I hope someone can help with. I have a desktop PC with 2 hard drives as follows:-
HDD 0 Partition 0 - Old Packard Bell "Tattoo" recovery partition" - no longer used
HDD 0 Partition 1 - Windows XP (C:\ drive)
HDD 0 Partition 2 - NTFS formated data area

HDD 1 Partition 0 - Ubuntu 12.04 Boot partition
HDD 1 Partition 1 - Linux Swap partition
HDD 1 Partition 2 - Ext3 formatted data area​

I used to use GAG to dual boot with Linux Mint on the 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] hard drive, but when I installed Ubuntu instead I decided to upgrade to EasyBCD. However, I must be doing something wrong as I cannot seem to get to an EasyBCD boot menu.

I have installed EasyBCD and configured (I think) the required boot menu entries but when I reboot the machine simply starts into Windows. I don't see any boot menu to allow me to select an OS at all. If I halt the boot process with F8 and select the second hard drive as a temporary boot device, Ubuntu fires up flawlessly so I know the installation is good.

Have I missed some simple but vital step here?



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EasyBCD is only functional on systems with a BCD, i.e Vista and later.
It will boot Ubuntu and XP but only if they are a part of a Vista/7/8 multiboot.


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Unless you install the Vista/7 bootloader on the machine, first.