no boot menu ???

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Guys I have Windows 7 and XP on 2 diff partitions. Samr HDD.

just the only HDD on this box...

If I remove Vista bootloader in Easy BCD - XP boots solo just fine.

Run startup fix from Win 7 recovery - Windows 7 boots solo..

I run Easy BCD from windows 7 and add an entry for XP (automatic detect) - it all works fine - but on restart - no boot menu

Then when in windows 7 - everything I had done is gone...



Nevermind guys I got it working..

Mods remove please..

I made the XP partition active which lead to BOOTMGR errors..

Then I repaired with the Win 7 boot disk..

Booted into Win 7 - made sure the Win 7 partition was active/system/boot

Went into Easy BCD and added XP entry - default settings..

This worked for me

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