No boot of XP after reinstall Vista


I had Vista installed on the C partition and XP on the D partition.
After reinstalling Vista on C, I cannot run XP anymore. Even after installing and configuring EasyDSB again.
The XP boot.ini file is located: D:\pss\boot.
After reading documents on the DSBsite I wonder if that is the right place.
Should I remove the file directly to D:?
Thank you very much for your help.

Hi Gerrit, welcome to NST.
Make sure you're using EasyBCD 2.0 latest build, it will automate everything.
Delete the XP entry and add it again. Accept the offer to auto-configure XP.
It will put everything you need in the right place.
I kept searching on the neo smart website.
The solution was found in downloading the beta version of EasyBCD.
After using automatic ini file restore, dual boot works again.
I experienced one mistake: In the View Settings tab both entries mention drive C:\, that seems te be allright.
Thanks for the beta program.
That's correct Gerrit (and corrects the mistake that most users make)
The BCD does not point to XP, it points to the XP boot files which need to be in the "system" partition with Vista's boot files.
The copy of boot.ini points to XP
EasyBCD 2 does it all for you.
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