No changes shown in boot menu!


I added two entries on the 'Manage Existing Entries' page, Saved them, restarted my Vista machine and saw no changes to the Vista menu. Thrice.

For reasons only I vaguely comprehend, my single disk looks like this:
1 Win98 C: boot, active with ntldr and bootmgr for the other two MS OSs
2 Vista G:
3 XP H:
5 NTFS data
6 Ext2 data
7 Suse 10
8 Puppy linux
9 swap
10 empty
11 empty

After Vista was re-installed it failed to recognise XP's existence and the Suse menu vanished, hence my query.

I'm not even sure if Suse or Puppy really have their boots in their roots (I told them to put them there - is there a utility that I could use to check what is in their boot sectors?) Suse started well and saw XP - Vista was damaged at the time - but where it booted from I don't know.
Hi Pafodda, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Every time you reboot, does EasyBCD list the new entries in the Add/Remove Entries list? Or do you have to add them again?