No display after Vista start up !


Hello sir,

First of all, i m sorry for not searching the earlier threads & posting a new 1.
I m in urgent need of help, i hv my college paper presentation & my Vista is not working.

Here's the problem...

The Vista boots fine. I can see the green vista progress bar.
Then suddenly no display, only the mouse cursor is visible.

i tried to boot in safe mode, still same result, Also tried safe mode with command prompt, no use.

Then i did this; started Vista, pressed windows key + r (run); then typed explorer.exe ; nothing happened.

Also i dont have the Vista Installation disk with me, what should i do now ?

Kindly help, its urgent !!

thanks in advance



I have downloaded the vista recovery disk frm here ( Thanks a lot !), booted from the disk, tried to repair, then tried 2 restore 2 previous restore point, but nothing worked.
I am still getting blank display after vista boot up with only cursor visible..

I tried 1 more thg, pressed SHIFT key for 5 times, the sticky keys menu popped up & i could see that.

Pls help me get my Vista back..

thnks a lot


@ random123 ;

thx 4 ur help..
i tried the steps given above, but it didnt work...

when i chked the registry; the entry ws already "NT Authority/Netwrok service"...

Wat else could be the reason :frowning: ?


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Its updating maybe? Vista even for me takes awhile to load some days. Make sure you perform cleanup and defragging of the drive reguarly, disable startup programs/services you don't need, and make sure the software you do use is up to date.