No documentation for "View Settings"


I don't see any documentation for the entries on the "View Settings" page. Specifically, all of the information on the Detailed section, such as :

Identifier. Identifier of what?

Device listed under Windows Boot Manager (is this the partition that the PC hardware booted first?)

(With the Overview selection, it says "EasyBCD Boot Device: Z:\")

I am not sure why it's telling me that the device for Windows Boot Manager is Z:, when I have told my hardware to boot from the partition that has the drive letter D: assigned. Although the "system" partition with letter D (100 MB, using Windows Server 2008 R2) was originally created by mirroring disk Z and then breaking the mirror. Are these two partitions now indistinguishable? They have different drive letters in Disk Management.

Can the Help pages please explain the difference between Windows Boot Manager and Windows Boot Loader? I think I know the difference, but the Help pages should explain this.

Finally, in the Help for version, the page labeled FAQ and dated July 3, 2011 says:

"How much does it cost again?

Yeah, we know it's hard to believe; but EasyBCD really is just 100% free. Sometimes we too wake up in the middle of the night in a cold-sweat thinking that EasyBCD isn't free – but no worries, it is and always will be."

So it *always will be* free? It doesn't seem to be free for commercial use. That FAQ answer seems overbroad if it's no longer free for commersial use. (What happened to "always will be"?)

Thanks for any info.
Sorry about that - you're right, the documentation should document the View Settings page because some things are not intuitively obvious.

If EasyBCD says "Boot device: X:" then X: is the device that your PC is configured to boot from. If EasyBCD says "EasyBCD Boot Device: X:" then it means that the device the PC is configured to boot from does not have a drive letter assigned, so EasyBCD will use X: to store its files on.

I don't think there's a difference between the Windows Boot Manager and the Windows Boot Loader, unless I'm misunderstanding you.

And finally, yes, EasyBCD will always be free for home use. You can view more info about that here: EasyBCD 2.1 and Some Big Changes The NeoSmart Files, but basically, we are only charging for commercial use because we made that promise that EasyBCD will always be available for free.