No driver detected for Vista during Recovery Reboot


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I am haviing trouble rebooting my computer (Dell XPS M1730)
I have already downloaded the Vista Recovery Disc and tried to Reboot.
I still get the BOOTMGR missing message

Also, during the recovery process no driver is found. Is there any way the driver can be found or reinstalled?

Can someone please help?
If the recovery CD can't locate Vista to repair it, disconnect all other HDDs before trying the recovery.
If you don't have multiple HDDs, don't go to the "load drivers" page. On the previous page click "next" even though there's no Vista to select.
That will sometimes do the first repair (at which point Vista will be visible again).
You need to do the boot > "repair your computer" > "startup repair" sequence three times, to fix all aspects of a broken boot. (It only fixes one thing per pass)