No DVD/CD Rom Drivers !

I cannot boot from the cd/dvd rom drive because there are no drivers available for my Lite-on SHW-1635S dvd-rw drive.
Is this dvdrw too old to be detected by Vista ?,if so what drive can i buy and install to solve the problem ? Also i have no sound from my on board sound card .
Many thanx,
Hello Clive, and Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

That's weird.... no DVD writer is 'too old' not for a long time at least....

Two suggestions:
1) In your BIOS, is the DVD drive set to boot before the Hard Drive? (if you need help checking, just ask!)
2) Do you have XP installed? It might be easiest to just start the setup from within XP and do a clean install or upgrade from there.
Been there,done that ! LOL !
Fool that i am done an upgrade from xp pro sp2 to vista !
Oops !!!!
Won,t make that mistake again.
I am absolutely determined to stick this out and NOT uninstall or re-format my hard drive (if i can ).
Looks like an upgrade wiped out XP PRO so i have not go a clue what to do next.
If i could get the dvd rw drive to work i would stick with Vista till the end,after all,that,s why i installed it in the first place,right ???
Where to next ?
Clive the 125.
I sure am,but cannot get any cd/dvd drives to work or on board sound either.
I.Explorer will not load,so i have to go in Yahoo browser and contact people that way.Odd innit ?
I cannot even fathom out how i can format my hard drive without cd rom support nor xp boot nor 6x XP restore floppies .
Drives you mad don.t it ?
OK, so you want to format?
Whether or not Vista has drivers for your optical drives isn't the issue if you want to format, that's all from the BIOS.
I am suggesting i format my hard drive,re-install XP PRO-SP2,partition my hard drive,and run Vista alongside XP.
You saying that,s possible from my bios?

Just stick your XP CD in, make sure your BIOS is set to try to boot from CD then HD, and boot to the setup CD.
Sorry if i am stepping where i should not, but i had the same problem and i found that a driver for my Epson Scanner (Stylus CX4800) more precisely the "photo image" driver would for whatever reason kill the CD-ROM and DVD drivers. as soon as i remove "photo image" CD-ROM and DVD R/W magicaly appeared. so maybe look at the driver for you printer or scanner if you have one installed.
Well,i think we are getting somewhere,i,m back into xp pro,will let u know how i got here soon,after i get over the initial shock !!! LOL !!!

It seems so far that my MS wireless keyboard/mouse upon pressing F10 to save the changes in the Bios,didn,t ,
Hence every time i changed the boot sequence to what you suggested to format my hard drive ie. cd rom hard drive and then floppy ,it just went straight to the floppy drive again. !!!!
It wasn,t till you thought it was weird my cd/dvd drive would not boot i began to wonder why.
It,s getting late now,so time for some zzzzzz,
Will keep you posted on my progress,Many thanks for your sound advice and your patience.
Cheers ,
i know this sounds stupid, but quite a few of the M$ keyboards have a F Lock key, you need to turn this on to use the F keys.