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Strange, I loaded EasyBCD, worked fine, Then I needed to remove it because I needed to reformat a partition. I then reinstalled 2.1 and when I add entries to the boot menu, they do not appear on the Overview in display mode, and if I try to close, it says EasyBCD has detected that there are no entries...

I tried loading 2.2 per another thread, same thing.!!!

Any suggestiosn?


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Hi Doug,

What version of Windows?

Also, with EasyBCD create a backup of the BCD, zip it up, and upload it as an attachment here in a reply.

Mak 2.0

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You have to be a bit more precise when replying. There is no need to use EasyBCD unless you are trying to dual boot your system between 2 Operating Systems. You mention 1. Unless you are trying to dual boot between the same OS on either different hard drives or different partitions. We need to know this information so we can try to assist you. As of right now all you have done is confuse us to the point where your responses make no sense and we cant be of help without asking redundant questions.

So tell us exactly what your trying to accomplish with the software and what Operating Systems you are working with so we can get to a resolution to the issue. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.
OK I am trying to make a dual boot system. Originally it worked fine. Then I was having issues, so i needed to remove the dual boot feature. So I uninstalled the EasyBCD. Then, when I resolved the problem, I reinstalled EasyBCD. Then, no matter how many entries that I added, they don't show up in the overview pane. When I boot, though, I get lots of WinXP, Win7, Winxp, Win7 options..... I know it's strange, probably something simple.


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I asked for a BCD backup.


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Use the very latest Beta of EasyBCD and check whether the Tools > Options > Automatically load...... box is ticked.
If so you're probably looking at a wrong version of the BCD, not the same one producing the boot menu.