No entries show up in EasyBCD, but all are displayed on boot. (Windows 8)

So I Installed EasyBCD 2.1.2, and went to add a new entry. The "Edit Boot Menu" Tab had no entries detected. I tried a few more times, but nothing. I restarted my computer, and 10 of the entries I tried to make were all there. Only the first on works though. I tried to reset the BCD Configuration, but nothing happened. They're all still there. Also when I go to turn off my computer, the OS shuts down, but the computer keeps running:rage:. How do I stop this madness?! It's just one problem after another. And If anyone could be so kind as to give me the original boot for Windows 8 it would be much appreciated.


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EasyBCD is obviously working on a different copy of the BCD than the "live" one.
Did you point it to a BCD manually at some point ?
Check in EasyBCD > Tools > Options
Is there an entry in the "automatically load....." field ?