No, I don't want to EDIT that Address Book entry . . . !


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Windows 10; Thunderbird current:

Click on Address Book (any showing in left pane); want to scroll down the list just for the fun of it; as soon as I begin moving the "down slider" on the right of the screen, Thunderbird decides it needs to open the first address card listed for me to Edit.

Says who?

Someone somewhere in the Thunderbird universe who decided that feature would be So Cool?!

No. It's not.

I suppose if I wanted to edit a particular entry I could do something as basic as double-click on it to open it . . . do my schtick . . . close it, and go on with my life.

Is that my problem or the program's?
Update Thunderbird: Make sure you're using the latest version of Thunderbird. Updates often include bug fixes and improvements that could address the issue you're facing.

Check Thunderbird settings: Navigate to Thunderbird's settings and preferences to see if there are any options related to the behavior you're experiencing. Look for options that control automatic opening of address cards when scrolling or any settings related to the Address Book's behavior.

Disable add-ons: If you have any add-ons or extensions installed in Thunderbird, try disabling them temporarily to see if they are causing the unexpected behavior. Sometimes add-ons can interfere with normal program functionality.

Report the issue: If none of the above steps resolve the problem, consider reporting the issue to the Thunderbird development team. They may be able to provide further assistance or address the issue in a future update.

Remember, specific steps to resolve the issue may vary depending on your Thunderbird version and operating system. Consulting Thunderbird's documentation or reaching out to their support community can provide more specific guidance tailored to your situation.