No .iso file in Vista x86 Restore Disc torrent


I posted this on the comments section of Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download The NeoSmart Files already but figured this was a better place for it:

Just downloaded the torrent for the x86 and after downloading through utorrent it did not contain a .iso file.

There is a RAR file which after extracted yielded:
file - bootmgr
folder - boot
....file - bcd (contained in boot folder)
....file - boot.sdi (contained in boot folder)
....file - bootfix.bin (contained in boot folder)
folder - sources
....file - boot.wim (contained in sources folder)
bootmgr, boot, and bcd appear to have no file extension, which is just a bit confusing. Anyway there definitely appears to be no .iso file (and yes I understand how torrents work - I saw someone else post a similar problem and get a response about downloading torrents).

I'm just trying to help get my brother's laptop working so any help would be appreciated.
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You did download the .torrent link from this site, right?

Open utorrent go to file and select add torrent to browse for the .torrent file.
The file downloads as a ISO not a Rar file. I have it seeding and i have no RAR file for this torrent. It is a straight up ISO. Unless you are going for the 64 Bit version. That one i dont know of cause i didnt create that Torrent file.
WinRAR steals the file association for .iso files by default. So you get what is actually an ISO file that looks like a RAR file, and it can be hard to tell the difference if you've disabled the viewing of file extensions.