no more of that tablet pc bullshit =P

toxic chicken

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hey, haven't been on here in a while.

my old tablet's monitor hinge broke, i sent it to gateway, and they gave me best buy credit since it wasn't cost-effective for them to fix, so i can get a new laptop with 4x as much memory, dual core, 3x as much internal drive space, and some other things for $100 in a few days. everyone, buy 3-year accidental damage insurance from best buy then kill your computer 3 months before it expires.

how have you all been while i was on WoW and nothing else?

Welcome back, toxic - we missed you! :smile:

That laptop sounds awesome, let us know the specs when you get it.

I got the damage insurance from Best Buy on my first color cellphone - they refused to honor it :x

(btw, one of your sigbars broke while you were gone.. You can upload a new one if you like in the signature page)
Wow nice laptop... for almost free :grinning:

Oh I was really wondering where was toxic gone. WoW is A DRUG.. LOL be careful. :grinning: