no recovery point, nor system image recovery...


Hi people... I have a big big problem (as it seems to me) with my 2 month old toshiba a660 and i would really appreciate if anybody could help me.. couple of days ago i shut down my laptop and since then i cant load windows normally.. I can load the windows (Im using windows 7-64) normally only using boot disk (which i downloaded here, thx a lot for that).
1) I dont have a recovery point to restore the system to earlier point
2) I didnt create system image recovery
3) I dont have a installation disc
But: I know that i have windows installed on my HDD by manufacturer

I would really happy if there is a way to reinstall os without those above mentioned things...
Please, I would really appreciate if anybody know how to solve the problem....

damn i need to write 5k word essay due October 13
On a Toshiba, I believe you can access factory reset by repeatedly tapping (or holding down) the zero key as you switch on the power.
Don't thank me, I've never even seen a Toshiba laptop.
Answer came courtesy of Bing.
Glad to have been of help.
Hello folks!
I have exactly the same problem as shox, but I have HP G-72,
i dont know what to do , all that i could find is a recovery kit that costs 45 euros...
If you guys can help me it would be more than appreciated !