No Sound On Dell Inspiron 9400 When Running Vista RC1


Hello, I'm a new member here and came to this site after searching for solutions regarding my sound problem on Vista. I read this article: but it didn't solve my problems. First of all, I'm not even sure what soundcard which followed my Dell Inspiron, as the component description I got from Dell isn't very good, but looking at the drivers they let me download at their site, it's a Creative driver.

I read a blog from some guy who had the same problem as me on his Inspiron 9400 computer, and he got it all to work after downloading a driver you recommend in the article i previously mentioned. The driver is to be found here: although i found nothing there, but something similart at (Is this the same?)

In any event, that driver didn't do the trick for me either, and I'm becoming rather frustrated as this has kept me busy for many hours now, and every thing else works so perfectly in Vista for me.

Hope there is a way :smile:


If you do have a creative card go to their site and download the Beta drivers for the card. I would wager to guess it is a Sound Blaster Audigy. Which one is another story. If you still have XP installed check the device manager to see which card you have and from there you will know which driver to download and use.
Thanks for the replies. I've been at Creative's site, but none of the beta drivers would install on my computer. Said I had no supported devices installed.

I run that application and got this:


Detected Chipset:
Mobile Intel(R) 945PM Express Chipset

Chipset Components

Memory Controller:

I/O Controller:
Intel(R) 82801GBM I/O controller hub (ICH7M)
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As for your question, we need to know the exact model of the Sound Card, so here're your options:

1) Do you have XP installed? From the device manager give us the name & model & version & driver provider of the sound card.
2) Is it a PCI card or is it built into the mobo?
If it's a PCI card, open up your PC and try to find a white label on the card (no need to remove anything, just see if you can't spot a product label on the card somewhere or the other)

It's all easy from there :grinning:

Good luck!
Thanks for the warm welcome! :smile:

No XP on my computer so I opened it up instead, removed the keyboard and tried to figure something out... well... it was quite tight in there so I had to give it up :frowning: Besides, I think it's built-in soundcard I ordered.

Anyway, I mailed Dell support and asked if they could tell me what card I have, hopefully I'll have their reply by tomorrow!

Thanks again :smile:

A little update..

Still no word from Dell, however I played abit around in my BIOS just now to try disable this awful system beep noise which has been annoying me lately. (Yeah, I know I should be greatful that at least 1 type of sound works) I wasn't able to find such an option, but what I did find was a list of system devices, and according to that list my Audio Controller is Sigmatel 9200. Is that the information you need?


It all works now!! Thanks a ton for great and fast assistance =) I didn't expect such service for nothing when I first posted here!

BTW I had to use another driver for my card, but it was at the same site. ( The one you posted were for Inspiron 9300 and earlier version. I received a mail from Dell today and they told me my chip was a "SigmaTel STAC92XX C-Major HD Audio", so I downloaded another file at that site and miraculously enough that was for my card. In case someone else have the same problem as me, I'll post the file I used to make it work:

Driver download for SigmaTel STAC92XX C-Major HD Audio:

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Same problem here... I have Inspiron 9300 and Sigmatel AC97 audio.

I used same thing in Build 5600 (old XP driver from Dell) and it worked.. I hear sound from speakers & headphone jack & mic works also...

When I upgrade Vista to Build 5728 I got same problem again... No sound from headphone jack... And now nothing helps... I have tried 3 older drivers and same situation again...

I also tried Realtek AC97 Vista beta drivers but then mic didn't work at all...

Somebody plz HELP!!!!!

i did the exact same thing with the same result. i then re-installed CLEAN this time the AC97 Vista 6165 driver from realtek works. Just the same issue i have had since BETA2, i cant get 5.1 sound. eventhough i now can get a test tone to all speakers, which is a "clear" improvement from BETA2, when all i could get is stereo test tones. :smile:
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It seems Microsoft has an issue with their audio stack that makes it "difficult" (to say the least) to upgrade legacy drivers across build updates..

You can *try* fixing it by running DriverCleaner:

Then reinstalling the drivers.

Second option: does your BIOS have a "Reset Configuration Data" option? (NOT!! NOT!!! "Restore BIOS settings" but a reset config data somewhere to do with PnP configs and IRQ options)

Try doing that and reinstalling the drivers then...
Computer Guru said:
Second option: does your BIOS have a "Reset Configuration Data" option? (NOT!! NOT!!! "Restore BIOS settings" but a reset config data somewhere to do with PnP configs and IRQ options)
Hello CG, yeah im in school right now and havent had too much time to get my self in trouble. YET! :smile:

by doing the second option would i have to worry about another OS that may be installed on the same drive? (SLED10) or even my XP that is on a separate drive? as i understand CMOS pretty much tells the OS what to look for, regardless of the OS or physical location. Right?

so in my case i would be better off doing the first option.
Well now I am not so sure what you mean....

"You can *try* fixing it by running DriverCleaner:
Then reinstalling the drivers."

1st I understand that fixing Drivercleaner :sunglasses: (edit: I tried pro version and there is no choices for Sigmatel or Realtek)

2nd But what drivers you suggest I reinstall? Those one which came with Vista did not work...

Do you mean Dell 99254 drivers? or something else?

However I have also one other problem... Even if Vista installed Omnikey AG CardMan 4000 Pcmcia smart card reader just fine... It seems that reader don't work... However this voice output problem is much more important issue...

Ps. It is nice that I have found one good forum were I really get answers...

@Alejo: Actually, those instructions were for our new friend Pasi, your problem is "unfixable" until Microsoft decides otherwise :tongueout:

We're glad you found us too :grinning:
I meant follow the BIOS step, then reinstall the XP drivers that you were using.

But, I just remembered something else.
I don't know if you read our audio guide for Vista, but in my experience this link works with almost all AC '97 implementations.. give it a shot, nothing to lose but a bit of bandwidth! :smile:
Cheers everybody...

I managed the problem... VIA drivers worked for me (lucky me :booyah:smile:

However working with AudioDeck causes blue screen... But I don't need to touch it... I'm really glad that now my mic & speakerphone output is working...

Basicly I got idea from your Audio topic....