No Sound on Dell XPS600 in Vista


I installed Vista today and to my dismay no sound.

I attempted to install the sound driver first with the Realtek 6213 Vista APO installer found in the Vista driver/utility pack on the Realtek website [1]. Vista however kept warning me about unverified driver and wouldn't continue in the install even when I accepted.

After searching around some more I tried the Dell Realtek ALC850 AC97 installer (R145571.EXE) found on the Dell website [2]. The installation appeared to work fine, never giving an unverified/signed security warning. After rebooting, I was anticipating sound, but to no avail. I still have a "No Audio Output Device is installed" icon in the task bar and Device Manager still shows an error for Multimedia
Audio Controller.

I was perhaps wondering if there was a way to manually install the drivers from either of the packs mentioned above. Because it seems the driver isn't being installed at all (Error Code 28: The drivers for this device are not installed).

Once again any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hello Xar, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Try the R145551.exe package from Dell - it may be what you need.
R145551.exe is for the ADI onboard sound. The XPS600 has AC97 onboard sound, fairly certain it's a Realtek AC97 sound card.

I should also mention that I've installed Windows Vista Ultimate (64-bit version). Which might make a slight difference when it comes to the install package.

Any other help would be greatly appreciated.. thanks ^_^
It came to my attention that there could potentially be another problem (possibly the route problem). I noticed below the Multimedia Audio Controller in Device Manager, is another error, this time for PCI Input Device. What drivers would I need for this?

PCI Input Device
Location: PCI bus 3, device 3, function 1

Multimedia Audio Controller
Location: PCI bus 3, device 3, function 0

Both give the same error:
The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver.
I'm afraid I can't help with what little details I have regarding your setup, current configuration, etc.
All Vista is telling you is that you're missing the drivers for an input device and a multimedia device. What hardware is it looking for the drivers for, it doesn't say.