No Surround Sound In Vista 5472 SoundMAX



I just installed Vista Beta 2 build 5472. I have an on-board SoundMax sound card. When I play an mp3, the sound comes from all 5 speakers and the subwoofer, but when I play .ac3 or a DVD, the sound comes only from the front speakers. I followed all the steps provided on the blog to update the drivers, but Vista says "Windows could not find driver software for your device." I would appriciate any suggestions.

Hello Mr. Patel, and welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Quick question: have you tried the audio devices setting in the Control Panel?
Is Windows Media Player 11 properly configured for surround sound in the videos options?
Thanks Computer Guru..!

A quick correction to my original post: I dont get sound from the surround speakers at all even when playing mp3s.

Yeah, I did try the audio devices settings in the control panel. It's set to 5.1 speakers and when I test it, it tests all 5 speakers and the subwoofer.

I am not sure how to check if the WMP is properly configured for surround sound.

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UPDATE: I installed AC3Filter and VLC media player. VLC playes all the ac3 files properly now.!!! And after installing CSII Controls, Media player plays DVD with surround sound, but both VLC and WMP still plays mp3's with only two front speakers..!!!

Any suggesions?? Thanks.
In the Tools | Options menu for WMP there should be a sound settings section.... check it out.